Longview Regional Medical Center and the Diagnostic Clinic of Longview continue to be transparent with patients and family members regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in East Texas. However, the current news out of DCOL's Pediatrics unit some can find unsettling. A doctor on the floor was exposed to a person that later discovered they were tested positive for the coronavirus.

Pediatrics physician Dr. Darvy Mann posted the announcement from DCOL to his Facebook page.

"As soon as the doctor became aware of potential exposure with a symptomatic person, the doctor immediately self-quarantined," the post reads. "The doctor has been tested and those results are pending at this time."

Prior to learning of the person’s positive test, DCOL says the doctor had seen a limited number of patients in the office and hospital.

"The doctor was not symptomatic at the time the patients were seen. Those patients and families have been notified of possible exposure and counseled to quarantine for 14 days from their encounter date and monitor for symptoms."

The pediatrics department has since temporarily closed for a deep cleaning of the entire floor's clinic.

DCOL announced today that the reopen for the pediatrics department is scheduled for April 7.

As most of you know, in the abundance of caution, we have closed down our floor to patients and been working tirelessly to ensure a safe return of patients at the appropriate time. We have made the decision to have the utmost caution and return to direct patient care one week from today, Tuesday April 7th, which is a full 14 days from any potential exposure of ourselves or staff. At that time, we will institute the following changes:

Only well visits to be seen on the floor during the first half of the day.

Sick visits will be handled by telemedicine or when needed in person, visits will be conducted at an alternative location in the parking garage with our providers in appropriate protective equipment. These will happen during the ladder part of the day.

Appointments will be coordinated as normal; please call our appointment staff or nurses to address your specific needs. We will reach out to you to reschedule any necessary appointments that were postponed.

We thank you for your patience during this difficult time for all of us. Please keep our team in your prayers and we will continue to pray for you!

Please exercise restraint with questions or comments that might be sensitive to people affected by this. If you have direct questions, please address them over the phone with our nursing staff.

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