OMG, could it all be real? Has J.K. Rowling's wizarding world come to life?

Okay, so probably not, and that was slightly dramatic, but this photo caught from a security camera does look a little like Dobby the House Elf from the Harry Potter series.

Security cameras are growing in popularity these days, and people see all sorts of things, and capture footage of daily life as well as helpful footage of thieves, but magic?

Could we be seeing magic? According to, the responses to this photo on twitter have led to over 27 million people viewing this camera footage. I'm not surprised, there are plenty of Harry Potter fans out there like me curious to see anything that could be related to the wizarding world.

Now, I don't really think this is an actual house elf, but it does make me curious to learn what it actually could be? It is a nice thought, though to think Dobby could be free, alive and roaming this world.

Others take a more realistic view, and see this as a marketing ploy.

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