Two fantasy worlds collide in this though provoking conceptual video. Suspend reality for a moment, and ponder with us. Could Mary Poppins have attended Hogwarts?

I happen to be a fan of both stories, and find it fascinating that someone took the time to examine the idea that magical Mary Poppins could have possibly attended the famous school of Witches and Wizards, attended by Harry Potter.

Some of her magical skills that are identified are her ability to slide backwards up railings, fly with a magical umbrella and the ability to transport three dimensional people into two dimensional portraits.

Additional magical abilities referenced include her magical bottomless bag, just like Hermoine's, a magic mirror that speaks to her, and easy cleaning spells that are used throughout the magical wizarding world.

The video further questions why would a power magical person like Poppins be interested in a muggle family like the Banks. What if she had excelled in Muggle Studies, and was asked to investigate muggle children who had magic potential.

Could Burt be a squib? Remember, that levitation charm at Uncle Albert's? It's obvious which house she was from, as well. Of course she's a Hufflepuff. She's hardworking and patient and appreciates fair play.

What do you think? Could she have attended the famous school?

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