I’m not sure who needs to hear this today, but there are caramel filled churros that are available in Tyler, Texas. I’m not really sure how I didn’t know this before just a few days ago when I found a photo of them online. But this is the type of information that friends tell each other which is why I wanted to bring it to your attention. These delicious pieces of fried dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar and filled with caramel sauce can be found at Jumpshot Coffee. 

The post online was made in the Tyler, Texas Rants, Raves and Recommendations group on Facebook by a woman named Amy who loves churros, just like we all do. Amy mentioned that the best churros she had ever tried before were in California, but these were perfection. She said that everyone must go try these churros, and now suddenly I am craving churros.  

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Where is Jumpshot Coffee in Tyler, Texas? 

There have been quite a few coffee shops that have opened recently in East Texas, but if you’re looking for Jumpshot to try these churros they are located at 734 S Fleishel Ave, Tyler, TX 75701. It’s pretty close to the CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital campus.  

Churros Are Always Available 

One thing I was worried about when I saw the post online was that these were just a temporary menu item. But when I visited their website I saw that scones, eclairs, and churros are all on their regular menu. So, the next time you’re craving a caramel filled churro know that you can satisfy that craving in Tyler, Texas.  

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