Ready for an adventure hunting dinosaurs?

Dinosaur tracks are found in nearby Glen Rose, TX. Yep, just an hour away from Dallas, you can see actual dino tracks in the river and the trails of the Dinosaur Valley State Park.

The tracks were first discovered by a fossil collector from the American Museum of Natural History, R.T. Bird. The park was later opened in 1972 as an effort to preserve the tracks and allow others to explore them first hand.

The area is also a National Natural Landmark designated by the National Park Service. In addition to the tracks, you can swim in the river, explore the trails on a hike or on a bike and imagine what these incredible creatures were like tromping around in Glen Rose, TX.

You’ll also see a couple of sculptures when you arrive at the state park. Two large dinosaur sculptures that were created for an exhibit at the 1964 World’s Fair by Sinclair Oil Corporation. After the dinos toured the country, they were donated to museums and parks. Two of them were donated to the Dinosaur Valley State Park, a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Brontosaurus.

What can you do in Dino Valley? You can find dinosaur tracks, camp, picnic, hike, mountain bike, swim, fish and paddle in the river, watch for wildlife, look for a geocache, ride your horse, or visit our interpretive center.

If you can’t make the trip, but still want to explore the area, you can take a virtual tour of the park on the Friends of the Dinosaur Valley State Park.

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