It's basically already Halloween in my neighborhood.

We just wrapped up Labor Day Weekend which is essentially the last hurrah of summer. Although it felt odd to be sipping on a pumpkin spice latte while driving to a barbecue, it's become the norm during those three days. It also appears to be the norm to bust out the Halloween gear. I'm already seeing skeletons, ghosts and gravestones in my neighbors' yards.

Not to mention what I came across at Home Depot while out of town for the holiday weekend, as seen above.

Those skeletons were also grilling...

@missradiojess via Instagram

Oh, and taking care of the bathroom...

@missradiojess via Instagram

Did you spot the skeleton using the facilities for all to see?

Maybe the new thing is to bust out all of the Halloween decorations during Labor Day Weekend. I mean, we do this during the long Thanksgiving weekend with Christmas decorations, right? The concept is the same; eat a big meal and then work off the calories by decorating for the next big holiday.

Is it too early? Is it right on time? Or does it just feel like this year is flying by?