Here's hoping Joe Jonas keeps breath mints on hand! DNCE returned Thursday, April 13, with their first track of 2017: "Kissing Strangers" featuring Nicki Minaj.

Jonas' voice is leisurely and playful ("ehhh!") on the funky, synthy song's verses, perking up on the chorus as he sings, "Kissing strangers, 'til I find someone I love / Kissing strangers, 'til I find someone I trust."

Minaj enters at the tail end of the jam to lay down a spunky rap verse, spitting, "I got a lot of sons, I can show you all the sonograms / Me? I'm Jem, and these b---hes is the holograms!"

As for "Kissing Strangers," it's unclear whether the song is off the band's next album, is a one-off collaboration track, or will be released along with a deluxe version of DNCE's self-titled debut record.

Listen below:

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