A note recently appeared on our office ice machine, and led me to wonder if this only happens at radio stations. 

Do you see notes left on the refrigerator or other appliances in common areas at work? Reading, 'clean it out,' or 'please, only eat the food that you brought?' We see this kind of thing all the time in radio, but the most recent one is all about the ice machine.

We are fortunate to have one in our office. It's a new addition, and for the most part it's been well used and taken care of, until someone recently... when the note above appeared.

"Please place ice scoop back in holder and not on top of ice. Thanks."

That one showed up first, and yet... the scoop was still on the ice. Then the larger note appeared, "PLEASE READ," with an arrow pointing down at the first note. To illustrate the issue, here you go. It's simple, right? Just place the scoop back in the holder.

Maybe, I'll add the photos to the current notes for additional humor.

Mandee Montana
Mandee Montana

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