I don't know if I'm the only one who does this or maybe it's a standard practice. Do you brush your teeth immediately before a dental exam?

Growing up when my mom would pick us up from school and take us to the dentist office, she always had a ziplock baggie with our tooth brushes and toothpaste.

We would arrive at the dentist's office, and she would promptly send my brother and me to the bathroom to scrub our teeth. Mom was always strict with us about taking care of our teeth. We had regular visits to the dentist for exams and cleanings every six months.

I actually really liked my dentist growing up, and continued to drive to my hometown for cleanings for years after I moved to Tyler. I recently found a new dentist, much closer to home and work.

Ahead of my visit, I made sure to clean to my teeth. It made me wonder, does anyone else do this. Turns out a few of my co-workers do the same thing! I even have a toothbrush tucked away at the office, just in case. Do you do the same thing?



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