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Okay, well, maybe not THAT kind of bacon, but I guarantee you, most women find both to be yummy.

Over the years, Kevin Bacon has appeared in a LOT of films and TV shows, to the point that virtually everyone in Hollywood has some sort of connection to him. Well, some years ago, someone created a variation of the concept of "Six Degrees Of Separation", and modified it as "Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon". The reasoning is, that you can connect any actor or actress to Kevin Bacon in less than 6 Movie or TV roles.

There is also a website that you can use to enter any celebrity in, and it will show you their "Bacon Number".  The Oracle Of Bacon. Heck, even Wikipedia has devoted an entire article to the phenomenon.

For example, from Wikipedia:

Elvis Presley:

Therefore, Asner has a Bacon number of 1, and Presley (who never appeared in a film with Bacon) has a Bacon number of 2.

You see how it works? Anyone who had been in a movie with Kevin Bacon has a number of "1", and if you appeared with someone who also appeared in a movie with Kevin...you're number is 2, and so on and so forth.

Even Lubbock's own Mac Davis has a Bacon Number of "2".

Mac was in "North Dallas Forty" with Charles Durning, who was in 1979's "Starting Over" with (in a very minor role)...Kevin Bacon.

Putting this to the test, I discovered that I, myself...have a Bacon Number of "2". How did we reach that? Let's do some research...

I, Lance Ballance, appeared in an episode of "Ally McBeal", with Calista Flockhart. Calista appeared in the film "Telling Lies In America" with....you guessed it, Kevin Freaking Bacon.

Hard to believe, but even I have a lower Bacon Number than Calista's husband, Harrison Ford (He's a 3).

By that measure...I'm a bigger star than Harrison Ford.

Warner Bros.

As you can see, Harrison may disagree with me.

Now, who wants my autograph?

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