Adding a dog to your family is one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have. I am convinced that a dog is the best thing in your home. I get so excited when I get home and my dog is thrilled greeting me at the door with her favorite toy of the day.

I'll be the first to admit, I suck at the dog training, my dog knows the words "sit", "treat", "walk" and "ride". My dog has me trained extremely well. I still remember the "teenage" years when I wondered if we would ever be best friends and I wouldn't be picking up shredded socks and ruined shoes.

According to Lucy Asher, a behavioral ethologist at Newcastle University and the head of the new study published by dogs, much like humans go through those testing years just like every hormonal teenager does. So basically teenage dogs? Yup, all the evidence collected by experts in England said dogs go through "adolescent-phase conflict behavior". This behavior normally pops up anywhere from the 8-month to the 12-month mark.

Have you noticed your dog all of a sudden ignore you? When you tell them to come, they'd normally come running, but all of a sudden they don't hear you. Maybe your dog is chewing everything up, maybe they're digging holes and peeing or pooping in your home. It's no surprise that several pet owners in the U.S. send their pets to the shelter in that 8-month to the 12-month window. 

Lucy Asher and several other scientists from Newcastle University put guide dogs to the test. The scientists had 69 guide dogs, first, they tested them at 5 months and later at 8 months. The testers would ask the dog’s caregiver and a stranger to give the command to “sit.” All of the 5-month old puppies sat for both people. When the same pups reached adolescence and came back 3 months later many of the dogs refused to follow the order from their caregiver but, they obeyed the stranger. Much like human teenagers, these pups would rather listen to a stranger than their parents. Sound familiar?

All Dogs Unleashed
All Dogs Unleashed

We spoke to Troy the owner of All Dogs Unleashed concerning the new "Teenage Dog" findings. Troy said "It comes down to training and being consistent with your dog" Troy is one of the most respected dog trainers in the SBC, he helped train the famous Rougarou, you know Caddo's first-ever rescue K-9. Check out Rougarou's story below.

Before you think of calling it quits with your "teenage dog" please call a dog trainer, don't quit on your dog, you wouldn't quit on your teenager.

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