Move over, Pepsi, there's a new favorite in town! Well, actually, it's a favorite in the entire nation- and it hails from the great state of Texas!

For as long as the soda wars have been happening, there were always two favorites that dominated the top: Coca Cola and Pepsi. I don't know if you remember a time where people were doing blind test tastings EVERYWHERE just to see which they preferred: Coke or Pepsi.


For decades, the clear winner was always Coca-Cola; Pepsi was still a strong contender in second place. Today, Coca-Cola is still the clear winner, but, sorry to Pepsi, but they have been knocked down to number three because the second biggest soda brand in the nation is now Dr. Pepper!

Dr. Pepper

That's right, Dr. Pepper has entered the chat!

Straight out of Waco, Texas, Dr. Pepper has been gaining popularity over the years, and to what do we owe this gain in popularity? Simple: social media!

Gen Z and TikTok love the blend of 23 flavors so much that we have so many different concoctions now. There's "Dirty Dr. Pepper" and now social media has gone crazy with adding pickles to their Dr. Pepper.

Dr. Pepper, of course, has lots of different flavors like their Strawberries & Cream and their limited summer flavor Creamy Coconut.

However, in the ranking, the regular Dr. Pepper is what's ranked as second favorite- not all the different flavors you can find. Not bad for being the oldest soda brand- after all these years, it's still a favorite, but, naturally, we Texans already knew it was so great!

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