A powerful and real-life situation texting and driving public service announcement video popped up on my Facebook feed the other day and it caught my attention.

Driving down the road, it's pretty scary to look into the car next to me and see just how many people are texting, reading email, looking at pictures or even watching videos while driving. When you glance around to see what other drivers are doing around you, it's pretty scary.

A TV station in Augusta, Ga., is airing a PSA that depicts a teen driver replying to a text her mom sent saying she would be home soon, but ends up in a head-on collision with another driver.

Before the crash happens, the action in the video stops and both drivers get out of their vehicles and address the situation knowing what the outcome is going to be.

The video is very similar to one that was being shown in Australia a while back dealing with speed.

I'm not sure if I'm receiving subliminal messages or not, but while watching Tuesday's America's Got Talent last night on the DVR with my daughter, I saw this PSA from AT&T.

And here is the longer version.

Please, put the phone down in the car. The life you save by not glancing, texting, watching and talking could be yours and others around you.

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