It is very rare to hear about so many municipalities issuing boil water notices for public water supply.

We do hear about boil water notices from time to time throughout the year for different reasons, but thanks to the extreme winter weather East Texas has been experiencing over the last four to five days, more and more cities are having to issue them for a variety of reasons.

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Whether its low water pressure because of a water main break or no power at a water treatment or pumping station, we're hearing more and more about boil water before consumption notices. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has regulations when it comes to public water supply and if a water system isn't kept at a certain pressure then harmful bacteria and microbes could form within the water supply and cause illnesses to those who drink it.

So if you need water for drinking, bathing, cooking or making ice, you'll want to make sure you boil your water first if your city is on the following list. When boiling water to drink or cook with you should first bring the water to a rolling boil for two minutes and then let it cool properly.

Until you are notified by your water provider, customers within the following cities are under a BOIL WATER NOTICE and should do so before consuming water from your tap.

Alto Rural Water Supply Corp.
Chalk Hill Special Utility District
City of Arp
City of Athens
City of Canton
City of Kilgore
City of Lufkin
City of Marshall Public Water Systems
City of Nacogdoches
City of Palestine
City of Rusk
City of Whitehouse
Crystal Systems Texas (Hideaway Lake and Lindale)
East Texas Municipal Utility District (Smith County)
Gallatin Water Supply
Gum Creek Water Supply
Mt. Enterprise
Nacogdoches Public Water System
New Hope Water Service (Mineola)
North Cherokee Water Supply
Tyler Water Utilities (City of Tyler)
Walnut Grove Water Supply
West Gregg Special Utility District
West Jacksonville Water Supply

Of course, you can always purchase bottled water for consumption and not boil it. That's if you can make it to the store and find some to buy. Be patient East Texas. These water companies are doing everything in their power to get the water flowing once again during this unprecedented storm.

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