If you love bass fishing, then East Texas is the place to call home.

We have three of Texas' five lakes that are home to big bass, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. This is something I've known most of my life, because my dad loves bass fishing. It's one of the things he is most passionate about in life.

Toledo Bend Reservoir

This lake is popular lake for bass fishing tournaments, due to the amount of large bass caught here annually. Texas Parks and Wildlife claim that, 'more than 100 10-pound bass' have been pulled out of this lake each year, over the last few years. 

Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Another popular choice for elite, and amateur angler events alike, is Sam Rayburn. This lake is consistently known for producing large bass. Texas Parks and Wildlife states the lake hosts 400 events annually.

Lake Fork

Lake Fork is another large bass producer, partly because the lake has a slot. This size restriction, helps smaller bass live longer - and grow larger. My dad caught his largest bass here in the late 90's weighing in over at 11.5 pounds.

Need a few tips on how to land that big bass, this guy might be able to help you.

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