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This is one high school homecoming pep rally that went too far and should have been terminated by the school administration as soon as it was happening instead of participating in it.

Throughout the past few weeks, we have experienced homecomings here in East Texas and thankfully none of them got out of control as this one did at a Kentucky High School. The only thing we could report on about homecoming here in Tyler and Longview is how big the mums are in Texas and how expensive they were. Just like the sticker shock from the price tags, the pictures and videos are emerging from a pep rally that took place at a Kentucky high school last week are just as shocking as the students, staff and alumni prepared for the big game later that night.

Everyone at Hazard High School in Kentucky is looking forward to the big game on Friday night. In the town of 5000, the high school carried on homecoming week traditions with events that had been organized by a student committee. The assembly in question started to unwind and cross the line when it featured a traditional segment called 'man pageant'. This segment has been performed by students for year and this year featured male students dressed in wigs and scantily clad clothing giving lap dances to school faculty and staff members. As the program continued, female students were seen dressed in Hooters costumes carrying what looks to be mugs of beer. While these activities were being played out in front of the entire student body, other students and staff members appeared to be spanking each other with a paddle.

Pictures from this unbelievable pep rally were posted on the school's Facebook page, Hazard High School Athletics, and have since been removed. Among those featured in the lap dance portion of the show is the high school's principal, who also serves as the mayor of Hazard, Kentucky. The principal Donald Mobelini, who goes by the nickname 'Happy', is also linked to a sexual assault case stemming from a school function when he was a chaperone for the junior class trip to New York City in 2019. This separate incident alleges that while on a trip to New York City a student was assaulted and sexually assaulted. The case says, while on the trip students were left unsupervised in Times Square and several students gained access to alcohol and marijuana and took it back to their hotel rooms where an assault took place among one of the students.

The district's superintendent, Sondra Combs, opened an investigation and released a statement into this incident and says that if any disciplinary action needs to be taken she will. The images depicting these acts that were posted on the schools' Facebook page have since been removed and parents of these students are still outraged, while others find no fault with the activities. Images can still be viewed online though.

Thankfully we do not have to deal with anything like that here in East Texas. We're just focused on the homecoming mums and how big they've become along with how many ribbons and stuffed animals and lights they can put on them. Then there are our local residents are supporting our schools by creating homecoming mum masks. We know our administrators wouldn't allow anything like this to take place among and in front of our students.

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