Wild Story From Out Of Sulphur Springs, TX After A Man There Had Some Interesting Items Found At His Home.

Folks in Houston will tell you that car thefts are on the rise in their city but police there are doing very little to stop it, so many of them are taking the "law" into their own hands by tracking their vehicles once they are taken.

A man in Sulphur Springs is finding that out the hard way after a very expensive vehicle was found at his home.

34-Year-Old Everett Van Jennings was booked into the Hopkins County Jail on Tuesday after turning himself in to the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office.

Hopkins County Jail
Hopkins County Jail

According to a report by KLTV, the owner of a Lamborghini that was reported stolen out of Houston, was able to track the vehicle to a residence in Hopkins County.

The owner activated the horn and lights, showing it to be inside the garage. Contact was made with Jennings by phone, but Jennings allegedly refused to return home, claiming he was out of state, and refused to answer or return further phone calls.

Investigators then obtained a search warrant to gain entry to the residence and found some more evidence.

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Once inside the empty residence, investigators claim they discovered two other vehicles in addition to the stolen Lamborghini. The vehicles are said to have a combined worth of $500,000. Investigators also allege they found “considerable” evidence of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) swapping, including paraphernalia used in the practice.

Jennings is alleged to have taken the VIN from another Lamborghini and placed it on the one stolen from Houston.

Photo by Kevin Hernandez on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Hernandez on Unsplash

Jennings turned himself in to police and has been charged with theft of property with a value equal to or greater than $300,000, a first-degree felony, and placement of a serial number with intent to change identity, a third-degree felony. A bond amount has not yet been set.

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