I despise snakes, but YES I was watching a snake video that I was grossed out by, but I couldn't stop watching it. AND YES, it IS the grossest video of the day!

I normally don't watch this kind of thing, but there was just something about it. According to the Statesman, the video was shot near Newton in deep East Texas by a couple who spotted the snake on the side of the road. While filming it the grossness begins! The guy filming the black snake says the snake felt threatened by them and decided to throw up his meal he was trying to consume it!

If you want to see it happen then click play on the video, if not, I'll just tell you about it! The black snake just regurgitates the snake it was trying to digest.  Once it was out it was hard to believe it was still alive! Then the black snake just takes off as if nothing ever happened leaving the other snake there dazed and confused and the couple not believing what they just witnessed!

Like I said it is the grossest video of the day!

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