When you add it up Valentine's Day can be pretty expensive - there's the card, candy, flowers, jewelry and dinner!

Dinner options for Valentine's Day are limitless, you can make reservations at the restaurant downtown, grab something from the grocery store deli on the way home or just whip up something from scratch from your own kitchen! Personally, I'm a little challenged in that department, so when it comes to Valentine's Day dinner for my wife and I, it's either a restaurant or take out because I'm not taking the chance on burning down the kitchen!

After surprising her with all the above mentioned, comes the dinner and if you're looking to save a little money, Offers.com, has listed quite a few places that are offering specials on Valentine's Day along with many places offering special Valentine's Day treats! Here's a couple of the deals and treats they have listed from East Texas restaurants, bakeries and more:


  • Abuelo's - has the Share The Love special for Valentine's Day, get fajitas for two and a dessert for $32.99
  • Dickey's BBQ - get two two-meat plates, two sides and rolls for you and special someone for just $22
  • Pizza Hut - has a Valentine's Bundle that includes a heart shaped pizza and the choice of a dessert


  • Baskin Robbins - get your sweetheart the Polar Pizza - a heart shaped ice cream delight! They also have special Valentine's Day coupons available online too.
  • Dunkin' Donuts - is bringing back the heart shaped donuts for Valentine's Day
  • Dairy Queen - has a special Valentine's Blizzard made of strawberries and Ghirardelli chocolate. If you're looking for a little more, check out the heart shaped Cupid Cake!
  • Great American Cookie - allows you to customize your very own Valentine's treat with special heart shaped cookies that can be customized with personalized messages, images and more and could be available within a couple of hours!
  • Starbucks - has pink garnished drinks for a limited time

Looking for more great offers, you can see them online at Offers.com. There are many other restaurants offering up some great deals but you'll be going on a road trip to Dallas/Ft. Worth or Shreveport/Bossier City!

Of course before heading out or to one of these deals, you'll want to call your local location to make sure the deal is still valid and to make reservations (if available)!

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