Valentine's dinner is just about as important as Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, so the right restaurant makes all the difference.

You've shown your love for you significant other by showering them with a Valetine's Day card, some flowers, maybe chocolates, a stuffed animal and possibly some new jewelry, and now all that's left is dinner. Well, if you're on the hunt for a restaurant for a romantic dinner to take your special someone to on Valentine's Day, we've come up with some great suggestions for you. However, on the biggest night for lovers, reservations are a must, especially for these East Texas restaurants. So if you don't have reservations yet, you better get to moving or you'll be out of luck.

Trying to make things easy for you, here are some suggestions for that romantic dinner on Valentine's Day night along with their phone number for you to call and hopefully they'll still have a table available for you.

In Tyler, try these restaurants for a romantic evening:

In Longview, one of these would be a great place for a Valentine's dinner:

In Kilgore, how about the following:

In Bullard, you've got a great location:

Here's to hoping you have success and a very memorable Valentine's dinner this year.

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