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The East Texas forecast is going to have more ups and downs over the next seven days than big lift hills on Titan at Six Flags Over Texas!

East Texas has experienced a relatively mild winter so far, but that's changing with a cold front that went through yesterday along with the beneficial rain we received. East Texas is going to experience a series of three cold fronts over the next six days.

Before the big Arctic front arrives Sunday into Monday morning we are going to be on a roller coaster as far as the temperatures go with our big plunge happening Monday along with a chance of some flurries.

In the meantime, we'll climb back to the mid-to upper-60s by Thursday before another round of showers and thunderstorms arrives and then our temperatures will fall to the low-30s. The Storm Prediction Center out of Norman, OK currently has East Texas placed in a slight risk for strong to severe thunderstorm development Thursday evening with the passage of this front.

The arctic front moves in Sunday night into Monday morning.

The weekend looks relatively nice with temperatures in the low- to mid-50s. Then the Arctic front is expected Sunday night into Monday morning.

With the arrival of this front, any moisture that is in the air is expected to fall in the form of snow flurries and is not expected to accumulate at this time. Temperatures will be falling throughout the day and wind chills could be in the mid- to lower-teens.

At this time, Tuesday is expected to start somewhere in the upper teens before barely climbing to the freezing mark.

As KLTV 7 Senior Meteorologist Mark Scirto said, there's lots to watch and at this point, it's a tricky forecast to pinpoint. We will keep you updated on the scenario and forecast as it plays out.

Now though is the time to make your hard winter freeze preparations.

Remember the 4 P's:

  • People
  • Pets
  • Pipes
  • Plants

People - Check on your family and elderly neighbors to make sure they are good and have everything they need to survive the cold blast.

Pets - Make sure your pets have adequate shelter to get out of the wind along with warm bedding to sleep on. Even better, bring those outdoor pets into the garage for a few nights.

Pipes - Wrap those outdoor exposed pipes and let exterior facing faucets on the interior of your home drip and open the cabinets underneath them to allow for airflow.

Plants - Any outdoor plants need to be covered or brought into a storage shed or a garage.

It's winter, after all, we'd expect it to get cold sometime! We'll keep you updated on the changing weather situation throughout the winter event from our weather partners at KLTV 7.

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