Humans are not the only ones who sometimes need blood. Our four-legged friends have needs as well, and currently those needs are met by outside sources.

"We will be the first center in East Texas that will be able to provide fresh frozen dog plasma," Tyler Animal Emergency Clinic Hospital Administrator Sheri Dixon told KLTV.

Tyler Animal Emergency Clinic is partnering up with TJC students to accept donations for the blood bank through blood drives. Rachel Pierce told KLTV, "I will continue to allow my dogs to donate blood because I feel that it's a great source for them to help other animals."

Want to participate and have your dog donate blood for others? In order to donate blood, dogs must be between the ages of one and eight years old, weigh at least fifty pounds, and be up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Once the blood bank is open, pet owners can bring their dogs to donate up to four times a year.

"Just like if you go to donate blood yourself, you know you're helping somebody else," Dixon told KLTV. "Your dog will get the bloodwork [which] is a good thing to have because then if your dog gets sick, then they have baseline to go from."


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