Two of my favorite artists come together in the most 'Perfect' duet with this incredible arrangement of Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect.'

Andrea Bocelli's music so powerful, and Ed Sheeran has a way of taking simplistic ideas and illustrating the most beautiful imagery with lyrics and melody. This arrangement had me in tears when I first heard it.

Did I mention I also have a deep affinity for all things Italian? Oh yes, and they both sing in Italian with this arrangement. It's so moving. The video also gives you a glimpse inside the home of the Italian singer.

You'll see Ed Sheeran in awe of the work of Bocelli and Bocelli's family looking on with admiration for the beautiful music created by the two men.

Take a few minutes and escape into beautiful music, as Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli perform a 'Perfect Symphony'.

Want more Bocelli? Of course you do. This is his best known song, Con Te Partiro or A Time to Say Goodbye.

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