When you live in the Lone Star State, you see many things you might not be accustomed to. Animals that rarely show up in other places, new floral items, the extreme heat...so many things to discover.

But there's something that has to be done first before even settling in Texas, and that is finding a place to live. The most important part of the equation of course. So many areas in the state have certain favorable aspects to them after all.

How exactly does one make the decision to live in one place however? Well, many factors will come into play, but the area has to be good, and good schools for the kids too right? Job needs to close as well...ok so there's a lot to factor in.

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Thankfully, some research has been done for us already. Wouldn't you know it, Texas is high on the list too.

The Best Real Estates In The Nation, And Texas Isn't Slacking

We turn to Wallethub, who gathered the data for us. Thankfully this time, there's only two major factors to consider: Real-Estate Market and Affordability & Economic Environment.

Ok, so with those, let's get right to data. Looking at the Top 25, Texans will be very proud to know that the number one real estate market is right here in the state. At number one is...McKinney, Texas!

But that isn't all! Also landing in the top five is Frisco and Denton, at second and fourth respectively. Rounding out the top ten is Allen at sixth, and a city you may know in Central Texas, Austin at eighth.

Fort Worth and Plano round out the Texas cities in the top 25 at 22nd and 24th. So what's the biggest takeaway here?

Living in Texas is a really good decision it seems like!

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