We follow our fave celebs on Instagram and retweet their wittiest sentiments because we're not-so-secretly hoping they'll decide to make us their best friend. Two stars who we would love be BFFs with are Emma Roberts and Anna Kendrick. Hilarious and down-to-earth, these actresses would be a blast to hang with. Would you rather have Emma or Anna as a best friend?

One glimpse at Emma Roberts' Instagram and you feel like you know her personally. Filled with pics of her homemade treats (like rainbow layer cake #yum) and her book recommendations, the 'American Horror Story' actress loves to give fans a close look at her life. That also includes pics of her cosmetics, hairstyles and fashion choices. Emma, please be our BFF like, now.

You know that friend who is thoughtful and incredibly hilarious? We suspect she's a lot like Anna Kendrick. The 'Pitch Perfect' actress' social media shows off her great sense of humor. Whether it's poking fun at herself or goofing off with fellow celebs, it's clear Anna doesn't take herself too seriously. We know she'd be the perfect person to lift our mood on a bad day.

Who would you rather have as a best friend? Check out some Instagram shots and vote for your fave BFF candidate in the poll below!