This summer the country is open and everyone wants to move around. For some of us, COVID-19 hit our pockets rather hard and we can not splurge on the exotic vacations that we are use to. East Texas Zoo and Gator Park is the perfect resolution to this problem if you are experiencing it the same way I am. You can get an exotic adventure, for a low cost and not have to travel too far.

Located in Grand Saline the zoo and park are open everyday from 9 am to 5 pm with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Aside from alligators the zoo also is home to George the Brazilian Tapir, Loki the giraffe, Lemon Drop the yellow snake and other furry friends like monkeys, kangaroos and hyenas. You can also feed the giraffes and watch the handlers feed the alligators. Feeding the giraffes is cool with me, but I am not trying to give and alligator some chicken.

One Spring Break I took my daughters to an alligator park and we had a blast. We ziplined over the gators, even held a baby gator and feed the other animals at the feeding zoo they had there. I must say, we made some memories because my daughters clearly remember me ripping my pants while jumping off one of the zipline ramps. Thankfully, I had my good underwear on that day because I was fully exposed by the time we got to zipline two and we still had four to go.

This year me and my daughters won't be able to take an exotic trip, but we will load the car up and make our way down to Saline, Texas to check out the East Texas Zoo and Gator Park. Vacationing on a budget is what I am calling it.


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