During COVID with gyms shutting down including mine outside of Tyler, my buddy and I decided to get our workouts in at home. In the beginning I thought for sure we'd eventually make our way back to a public gym, but surprisingly, most of all to me, we still haven't gone back.

From the ease of workouts, to not having to deal with dimwits (there are always a couple in every gym) we've preferred getting our gainz in the garage.

But I have been a member at my share of gyms. And after a couple decades hitting up gyms all across Texas, it has always surprised by the amount of creeps there are at them. From Henderson to Killeen/Fort Hood and back to Tyler the shear amount of ignorant perverts that show up with no real interest in exercising is downright disturbing.

Can you even fathom? This blockhead is a complete unaware tool. How did he even get his gym shorts on?

And, man, the cajones on some of them too. Some of these cretins ought to be locked up right now for the way the eyeball some of these ladies. Take the guy in this video for example, he didn't even have the self awareness to stop creeping after the lady's husband stood between the two of them.

How unaware can one doofus be?

Here's how Heidi_aragon's (fit_with_heidi aka) story played out:

"This old creepy guy at the gym kept coming over and staring at me. So I told my husband and [my husband] came over and worked out next to me. Even after he came over [the creep] continued to stare."

Can you even fathom? This blockhead is a complete unaware tool. How did he even get his gym shorts on? I love what Aragon did next. She stopped down her workout and stared back at him, how awkward and great is that?

Too bad it didn't work.

Since the dumb*ss was too dense to figure out what was happening, she was forced to take it to the next level. She addressed him face to face. "I told him if he's going to work out in this corner he needs to stop staring and making me uncomfortable." Of course he denied it, the dunderhead is obviously not very bright.

Once she informed him that she records her workouts and has him on camera, he shut it down really quick. Watch the exchange below. 


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♬ Real As It Gets - Lil Baby

Way to go Heidi!

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