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  • Everything is bigger in Texas, including our state flags!
  • What state has the most pride? Texas! By a long shot.

There are many ways in which Texans show pride for their state: by wearing 'Don't Mess With Texas' t-shirts, wearing Texas-shaped jewelry, our special Texas phrases, and placing Texas-themed stickers on our Stanley tumblers and vehicle windows. We also talk about Texas history, what it's like to live here, and how there is so much to do in our great state.

When was the last time you heard someone bragging about being from Rhode Island, Iowa, Oregon, or Ohio? Probably never. No offense to those states, but there's just something about Texas and we enjoy showing and spreading the pride that we have for our state.

Another way we show our pride in Texas is by flying a Texas flag displaying the Lone Star. Flags come in all sizes, but where is the biggest Texas flag in Texas and where can you see it?

The Largest Texas Flag In Texas

The largest Texas state flag measures 100 feet by 150 feet and is cared for by the Alpha Phi Omega chapter at UT Austin. This co-ed service group brings the massive flag out onto the field during Longhorn football games at UT Austin. It is the biggest Texas flag in the world.


While everything is bigger in Texas, it's not just our state flag that's larger than life and flying high above Texas, we're also proud to be American and we fly some pretty large American flags too. All you need to do is look up in downtown Longview at the Vera Bank building for Old Glory and the Lone Star to be flying side by side. Drive around Loop 323 in Tyler and several car dealerships fly huge American flags.

The Largest American Flag In Texas

Unfortunately, Texas does not have the largest American flag in the U.S., that distinction falls upon some guy in (uh hmm) California. His American flag measured 500 feet by 225 feet and weighed about 3000 pounds. (Guinness Book Of World Records)

Last September, the town of Rockwall installed a 190-foot flagpole at the highest point in the city to fly a 50 x 80 American flag as a sign of the town's patriotism.

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