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If you have chosen to take this quarantine time to share the incredibly deep and fascinating world of Harry Potter, you're not alone.  Parents around the world are reading the books, watching the movies, playing the games, and otherwise exploring the adventures of Harry, Hermonie, Ron, and full host of characters and stories created by J.K. Rowling.

Some of the coolest things to experience for a potter-head are geographically inaccessible or outright closed to the public right now.  Luckily, the world-renowned British Library in London has just opened “Harry Potter: A History of Magic” to everyone in the world via the internet - and it is glorious!  You can access it through Google Arts and Culture here.

I wouldn't zip through the online experience with a first-year, though.  The exhibit has to be the most complete collection of Harry Potter props, scripts, author's notes, etc. in the world.  It would definitely spoil some key elements of the story.  Once you are done, however - make sure you check out all of the amazing artifacts and what Insidethemagic.net calls no less than "...a recipe for making the fabled Philosopher’s Stone."


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