Texas pride shows up in many forms, and sometimes in radical ways. Whether you agree or disagree with Texas Antifa, they are making waves in Texas. 

The group, according to its Facebook Page, is "aimed at stopping fascism in Texas. We will turn this state blue and kick out all the alt-right fascists."

One of their aims is to remove a statue of Sam Houston, once President of Texas, located at Hermann Park in the city which bears his name. They have scheduled a rally in the park on June 10, from 11 am till 1 pm.

Multiple news outlets including Channel 2 in Houston have reported on the group and their upcoming plans, and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner's response when asked about the statue removal.

“It's not even on my agenda. I haven't even given it any thought," Turner said.

Texas Antifa has commented in regards to the reports on it's page.

The statue has been located in Hermann Park since 1925, originally erected in 1917. Below is a photo of locals looking on courtesy of Houston Public Library's Metropolitan Research Center.

The video below indicates that while Sam Houston did own slaves, he paid them for additional work. It also indicates that he refused to align Texas with the Confederate States of America, losing his political power in the process, because he was against furthering slavery.

Historian James Haley tells VOA in the video that Sam Houston predicted that the North would have it's own price to pay in ending slavery, that they would, "reap the harvest of assassination."

Interestingly, there's an even larger statue of Houston located in Huntsville, TX. This statue is considered to be the largest of any American individual.

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