We are no strangers to wild hogs in East Texas. They roam our fields and invade our yards all while destroying every thing they come upon. It's bad enough of a nuisance to dig up our yards but how about getting into a permanent place of rest? That is happening at a North Texas cemetery and families are fed up with the lack of a response.

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Lincoln Funeral Home and Cemetery has been the resting place for several family members of the Watson family since the 1960's (KVUE). They are currently frustrated with the lack of action by the cemetery and local officials to clear wild hogs from the area that are destroying the cemetery grounds.

The cemetery posted on their Facebook page that they have contacted the City of Dallas animal control and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office to no avail.

That doesn't give much solace to the Laverne Watson. She told KVUE,

My biggest part of my family is here. My husband is still fresh. He just died in February. This is not about money. It’s not about a lawsuit, this is about respect, dignity.

Their frustration is valid. Why wasn't there some kind of fence around the cemetery? That seems to be the simplest of solutions. Hopefully this Texas company the cemetery has reached out to can solve the problem. If not, I'm sure there would be one or two East Texans that would make the trek to take down some walking pork.

Either way, here's hoping this situation can get resolved quickly so the family members can continue their rest.

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