Trades in professional sports is a common practice. One team wants one particular player while offering a player of their own or something of equal value in exchange. The teams then agree and the transaction is made. Not every transaction is carried out, though. Case in point, a report just came out of the Washington Commanders NFL team asking the Kansas City Chiefs if Patrick Mahomes was available to be traded. The obvious answer was "no" and the internet produced some serious laughs about it.

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The NFL's Washington Football Team, as they've been known for the last couple of seasons, finally have a new nickname, Commanders. They will remain in the NFC East as the primary rival of the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys versus Commanders just doesn't have the same ring to it, though, but here we are. The Commanders have also been a bad football team for a bit and are in need of a good quarterback.

As NFL teams will do, they will call the other teams and inquire about available trades. The Commanders apparently took some time and called every team asking about their starting quarterback, including the Kansas City Chiefs.

With Tom Brady now retired, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is the new face of the NFL. Fans will tune in, even if they're not Chiefs fans, just to watch and see what crazy highlight reel play Patrick could pull off. So if a team could somehow pry Mahomes away, that would be a big metaphorical win for that franchise. The price to get Patrick Mahomes is where the roadblock sits.

No team has the assets to make a trade for Patrick Mahomes.

That's where the internet comes in. When word got out about the Commanders inquiring about a Mahomes trade, Twitter did not disappoint.

As much as I would love to see Patrick Mahomes come to AT&T stadium every season to take on the Cowboys, there is no way possible the Commanders could afford this trade. It could be their draft picks for the next decade and every current player on the roster and that still wouldn't be enough. You have to at the very least give them props for reaching out to just get that definitive "no."

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