With the price of EVERYTHING seemingly going up and the holidays approaching, folks are starting to tighten up their financial belts to prepare for the madness ahead. But we still gotta eat! Instead of starving yourself until Thanksgiving Day, I had an idea that I think that could help everyone in the coming days so I went to the world's #1 place right now to learn about stuff...no not the library....Tik Tok.

Gabby Jones / Bloomberg, Getty Images
Gabby Jones / Bloomberg, Getty Images

You've seen lots of posts about "life hacks", some that work and some that don't but I began to become fascinated with "food hacks" because most of the ones I've come across could actually save you a few bucks on your fast food outings. Like this one I came across about McDonald's from user @Hellthyjunkfood which shows how Mickey D's has been making a killing off selling us basically the SAME burger.

Yup! You seen it! Let's keep it real, you're going to be eating a TON of fast food over the next couple of weeks because you will have a ton of OTHER things to do so in an effort to help you save money, plus try something new and delicious, I've scoured Tik Tok to find the best food hacks that you can try at restaurants right here in East Texas. Go try them out and let us know what you think of them.



User @feast24seven presents the Waffle fries mac n’ cheese chicken sandwich for folks who don't want to have a sandwich with a bun.


I'm not a big fan of Cane's to be honest with you but user @hangryblogger shows off a monster Raising Cane's Sandwich you can make using the "sauce" and Texas Toast that comes with your food.


While most of these come from users sharing their favorites, this one actually comes from KFC themselves. They have a series of videos showing different ways you can "hack" their chicken sandwiches.


This video from user @nomwiththomas shows how you can feed two people at Chipotle for under $10. I might try this one.


This is a fairly simple hack using one of their infamous chicken sandwiches. User @Iamjeralyn discovered flavor goodness when she added this ONE ingredient to her sandwich.


A quesadilla for a $1.00?? The homey @hellthyjunkfood once again comes through and shows us how to make it happen.

That's all for now but let us know if any of these worked for you and we'll find some more for you soon!

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