Everyone wants to belong to something and when you are in junior high and high school, you really want to belong to something, that's why there are clubs for kids to join. For me, junior high and high school were both a long time ago, but they were some of my funnest times! Yes, you can have fun in school!

Joining a club allows you to hang with your friends, make new ones and have a blast! Mandee Montana and I were talking about some of the clubs at our different schools and thinking back, my favorite club from my school years had to be the yearbook club.

I joined the yearbook staff in junior high and we were a pretty tight group because there were about 15 of us the staff. I had a great time helping design the page layouts for the yearbook, its cover and looking through all of the hundreds of pictures to be included. I was able to continue to help with the yearbook through my high school years.

Another fun club that I was in was the Spanish Club during my freshman year. We had the best Spanish instructor, Ms. Smith, she was awesome. Now, I don't remember too much about Spanish (because I don't speak it and use it), but its remembering the fun we had in that club that the memories are based off of.

With school beginning for a lot of East Texas students in about a week and a half, a lot of kids will have the opportunity to join new clubs, make new friends and memories. So kids, if you're looking for something to belong too, pick out a club and join one! The friends and times you share with them will hopefully be the best and last forever.

Now about the picture, a friend of mine posted this on Facebook about a year ago, from what appears to be me in the eighth grade with Naomi and JP from the yearbook staff! Enjoy my contribution for Throwback Thursday!