When playing the Texas Lottery, how often do you have at least one number in the drawing?  The excitement when you're checking your ticket and you get more than one number is awesome   Playing the lottery is a numbers game, but on occasion, people get lucky and bank!

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What Numbers Do You Choose?

Sean Gladwell

When playing the lottery, what numbers do you usually choose? Do you pick your lucky numbers, your birth year, your high school jersey number, or maybe the birthday of someone close to you?

When it comes to choosing lucky numbers, many questions can arise regarding the perfect pick and whether those numbers have ever paid off with a winning ticket.

What are the most common numbers drawn for the Texas Lottery?

It's a good thing the Texas Lottery keeps track from April 26, 2006 - April 27, 2024, these are the Top 10 numbers pulled for all Texas Lotto Drawings.  A total of 2,020 number draws have taken place in that time frame.

Top 10 numbers pulled the most:

  • The number 8 has been pulled 262 times
  • The number 31 has been pulled 254 times
  • The number 19 has been pulled 251 times
  • The number 26 has been pulled 251 times
  • The number 4 has been pulled 247 times
  • The number 38 has been pulled 247 times
  • The number 21 has been pulled 243 times
  • The number 49 has been pulled 242 times
  • The number 15 has been pulled 241 times
  • The number 17 has been pulled 239 times

See the full list here.

If you're itching for a win and feeling lucky, you might choose a combination of some of these numbers. However, you're probably better off doing a quick pick.

Who knows?  You might get lucky and become the next Texas millionaire.

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