Texas is home to some iconic characters across the fictional world, from comics to animated series and video games. Here are five fictional characters you probably didn't know hail from the Lone Star State (I didn't realize a couple of these guys were from Texas):

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Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle):

This teenage superhero, known as the Blue Beetle, calls El Paso, Texas, his hometown. Jaime Reyes gained his powers from a mysterious scarab and has since become a prominent figure in the DC Comics universe. You might also know him from the recent movie and you might not love him if you're from El Paso...IYKYK

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Joel Miller (The Last of Us):

The rugged survivor of the post-apocalyptic world in the hit video game and later HBO Series "The Last of Us," Joel, is originally from Austin, Texas. Played on TV by legendary internet Daddy, Pedro Pascal and played in the video game by legendary voice actor, Troy Baker.

Jimmy Neutron (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius):

This boy genius with a knack for inventions hails from Retroville, Texas. Jimmy Neutron's adventures, alongside his friends and his robot dog Goddard, have entertained audiences for years. This one was a huge shock for me, I watched this show a lot and didn't realize until today that Retroville was in Texas.

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Beavis and Butthead (Beavis and Butthead):

The iconic duo of Beavis and Butthead, known for their crude humor and antics, surprisingly originate from the fictional town of Highland, Texas. Their misadventures and unique perspective on life have left a lasting impact on pop culture. This one should be obvious to anyone who watched the show, but any younger people introduced to these guys through SNL recently might not realize it.


Hank Hill from King of the Hill was actually based off a background character from Beavis and Butthead named Tom Anderson. He even has the same voice!

Brian Griffin (Family Guy):

Brian, the sophisticated and sometimes cynical talking dog from the animated series "Family Guy," was born in a puppy mill in Austin, Texas. Brian is kind of a mixed bag because they contradict where he's from on the show a lot. Sometimes they say they found him, sometimes you see them watching home videos of Brian as a puppy, sometimes they say he was adopted in Texas. Its like The Simpsons with the mystery of where Springfield really is.

These characters may not be the greatest people or even role models we should look up to, but they are fun as hell to watch. I also did not realize Jimmy Neutron was set in Texas. What about you? Any characters on this list you didn't realize were from Texas?

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