Christmas parades are a wonderful way for the community to come together. It is so heart warming to see children get excited when they see Santa (it's like he is some kind of rock star). We hope you take the time to get the family together and make a day out of it. You are sure to leave with some Christmas magic in your heart. Here is a field guide to getting the most out of your Christmas parade.

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    Get There Early

    You want your family to have to best seats in the house. We suggest finding out the exact route of your parade a couple days before, then surveying the street for the best spot. By getting there early the family doesn't have to worry about not being able to see old Saint Nick.

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    Fill Up A Thermos

    Before you leave the house pack a thermos. We know you will be a little groggy in the morning. So, why not have a good cup of joe while you wait for the festivities to begin? This is another chance you will have to spoil your children by packing another thermos full of hot chocolate.

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    Dress Warmly

    The night before check to see what the weather will be like the following morning. Nothing is worse than showing up and freezing your tushie off for an hour. It would really ruin the experience if you were too busy shivering to enjoy the show. So, bundle up the little ones in layers and don't forget the mittens.

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    Don't Forget Chairs

    It's not that we are lazy and hate standing but, standing for an hour could get uncomfortable. Since you will be getting there nice and early you will be able to set up your chairs close to the street. People behind you will be able to see and you will be able to relax (win-win situation).

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    Bring A Bag

    The little ones will be going crazy as soon as the candy starts being thrown. We suggest bringing a little bag for them to fill up. That way they aren't dumping all of the candy onto your lap for you to deal with. If you forget a bag, have them fill up their little Santa hats.