Justin Timberlake's comeback album will already go down as one of the best comeback albums ever. He already has two smash hits off of the album, with more to come. And with smash hits, comes cover songs. Some good, some bad, and some great. This one is in its own category, perfect.

Boyce Avenue is known for their covers of songs. Their covers have garnered them worldwide success, their own tour, and more.  Put their raw talent with the insane harmonies of X-Factor finalists Fifth Harmony, and you're ears will explode from so much vocal perfection. Their cover of 'Mirrors' by Justin Timberlake is raw, broken down, acoustic, and even accapella at points. Dare I even say I prefer this version over the original?

I've been a Boyce Avenue and Fifth Harmony fan for a very long time, and whoever decided to bring the two together needs an award.


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