Having completed one dangerous stunt this summer — seeing Tenet in a movie theater with an audience —  Tom Cruise is ready for more.

After a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mission: Impossible 7 is officially in production. Director Christopher McQuarrie confirmed that news with the first photo from the set, featuring someone one must assume is Tom Cruise standing on some kind of ramp in front of an enormous expanse of snow-covered mountains:

Given that this is Mission: Impossible and Tom Cruise, we have to assume Cruise is driving something — maybe a car, or possibly a flying motorcycle of his own invention — off that ramp into the great beyond. Godspeed, Tom Cruise.

Mission: Impossible 7 was originally supposed to begin shooting earlier this year. Back in June, assistant director Tommy Gormley predicted the film would be back to work in September — and here we sit on Labor Day weekend and Tom Cruise is jumping off stuff right on schedule. No plot details are known besides the general endangerment of the star’s life, but it is known that Mission: Impossible 7 is supposed to shoot back-to-back with Mission: Impossible 8. After one postponement already, the films are currently scheduled to open in theaters on November 19, 2021 and November 4, 2022, respectively. And Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick is still awaiting a post-Covid release as well; it’s currently expected in theaters on July 2, 2021.

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