Complete with comments from the Cast, Netflix has announced that Fuller House has been renewed for its fifth and final season.

Stating, "We're saving the best for last." The cast gets in on the end of the video montage, which shares great moments from the previous seasons.

I'm a little behind... meaning I've only watched the first season... but that's what I love about Netflix. I could totally catch up this weekend if I wanted to. Fuller House Marathon is actually going into my calendar now. Yes, I plan such things.

If you've missed it, the sitcom picks up after the original sitcom with DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler in the roles that were once played by Danny Tanner, Dave Coulier and Uncle Jessie. Oh, but they make appearances, too. It's funny, updated, hip, but also maintains the same things you loved about the original.

Kids still have great one-liners, make mistakes and learn lessons. The heart of the show is still in the family. If you've been waiting to start catching up. Now, is a great time.


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