In Watauga, Texas, there is a gas station. Ok, no big deal, right? But this gas station serves up food that you wouldn't expect.

Let's get to know Chef Point Cafe a little. Owner Franson Nwaeze moved to the US in 1981 from Nigeria. He worked his way up to head chef of several five star restaurants. When he decided he wanted to open his own restaurant, the bank would not give him a loan because he had no experience as a restaurant owner.

However, they would give him one to open a gas station. Chef Point Cafe was born. It is a gas station. But you can also sit down for a four or five star meal, too.

Yeah, not your typical corn dogs, tacos or pretzels.

His menu consists of lobster macaroni and cheese, blackened salmon, Angus rib eye and their signature bread pudding.

Wow! So where is Watauga cause I want to try this. It is about 15 miles north of downtown Fort Worth. Not to far a drive to check out some delicious vittles. Plus, you can refill on gas!

His restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive In's and Dives a few years back.

Get all the details and a peek at their menu at

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