If you're seeing firework stands open as you drive around East Texas, don't worry they're legal (as long as they're approved by county governments).

I was driving along Highway 69 to Bullard last night and saw a fireworks stand open at the intersection of Hwy. 69 and FM 346 and thought it was a bit strange to see one open, but then I remembered that Texas recently added a few more dates to the retail sales of fireworks in the state. In addition to the July 4th and New Year's firework seasons, stands are now legal around the following holidays:

  • Texas Independence Day on March 2nd
  • San Jacinto Day on April 21st
  • Memorial Day weekend

County officials have to approve whether or not firework stands can operate on these additional days, so some might not be open in your area. So if your stash of fireworks from New Year's is running low, you can replenish it now!

When buying fireworks, remember to check with city officials to see if is legal to shoot off fireworks where you live. Many cities and communities have ordinances in place and is illegal to shoot them within city limits. Ordinances are more relaxed or even non-existent in rural county areas. Although we've seen our fair share of rain this spring, shoot fireworks off safely and have a fire extinguisher, water or water hose nearby just in case a fire breaks out.

Have a fun time safely with your fireworks this Memorial Day weekend.

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