Really, this is more of a message to not go out, get drunk and abuse your significant other.

Ok, so it's not exactly a fish fry that is the most dangerous thing to man. It's more if you come home drunk from a fish fry and you're abusing your wife, you might end up dead.

Shelby County Sheriff's Office arrested a Joaquin woman Sunday night after allegedly stabbing her 52-year-old husband to death after he came home intoxicated from a fish fry. According to the 50-year-old woman, Lisa Cordova, she stabbed him multiple times because he was abusing her.

Later in the evening, she reportedly put her grown son - also intoxicated - into the same bed where the murder victim lay.

Cordova told the Shelby County Sheriff's Office they got into a heated argument after he came home from drinking alcohol. A press release read shown on KTRE News read:

Lisa stated Michael was abusive to her and kicked her out of the bed. She stated she then grabbed a knife from the top of a nearby cabinet and stabbed the knife toward Michael. Lisa stated she was unable to see Michael because the room was dark, but that she did not believe she ever made contact with the victim.

According to the news story, Cordova told deputies he heard her husband say, "You got me" and she stopped and went to watch TV. Apparently, she did not know her husband was dead when she put her son in the same bed.

Maybe learn how to do a good fish fry at home...

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