While combing Pinterest I found a fun list of Little Known Facts About 'Gilmore Girls' and couldn't resist sharing my favorite five facts from this fun list.

'Gilmore Girls' is my favorite television show. I'm well aware that the series ended nearly eight years ago, but I still save it on my DVR and binge-watch multiple episodes at one time.

I love the fast-talking witticisms of Lorelei and Rory and all of the quirky characters they interact with in Stars Hollow.

Fun Fact #1: Alexis Bledel hates coffee. All those times Rory and Lorelei are slurping down coffee -- Alexis had replaced it with coke!

Fun Fact #2: Rory's friend Lane is in a band in later seasons called 'Hep Alien,' the band name is anagram of the name Helen Pei. Pei is not only a producer on the show, but also happened to best friends with the creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Fun Fact #3: Luke's backward baseball cap is an homage to Scott Patterson's career in baseball before acting. He had played in the minor leagues for the Yankees, Dodgers and Rangers.

Fun Fact #4: Stars Hollow sort of exists! Washington Depot is the name of the community within Washington, CT that inspired the cute quirkiness of Stars Hollow.

Fun Fact #5: Many recurring cast members have gone onto their own starring roles in others television shows. Chad Michael Murry went on to star in 'One Tree Hill.'

Jared Padelecki in 'Supernatural.'

Lane's boyfriend Dave Rogowski moved to California, when Adam Brody got the role in 'The O.C.'

Krysten Ritter played one of Rory's college buddies before becoming the 'B-- in Apartment 23.'

And Melissa McCarthy now stars in 'Mike and Molly' as well as blockbuster feature films like 'Bridesmaids.'

Good news! BuzzFeed has reported that a reunion is in the works. Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino are all set to be a part of the reunion, but other cast members have yet to be announced.

Who are you most interested in seeing?


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