The picture of a grocery store receipt has shown up on Facebook and brings up the old question, is this food stamp abuse?

In today's times there are those that legitimately need assistance in purchasing food to feed their families while they temporarily get their finances back in order. However, the receipt in the picture above seems to go over the limit. I can definitely understand purchasing ground meat and chicken, bread, milk along with some household items because those items are necessities but purchasing 6 lobsters (two at $18) and 6 porterhouse steaks, really? In my opinion this crosses the line.

So that brings up the following question in my mind - should the state put limits on types of purchases that are made using food stamps or the Lone Star Card? I for one know that I can't afford to purchase items like this in one trip and I've helped fund their extravagant meal because of the taxes I pay.

I'm sure the food assistance program would go a lot further if purchases like this weren't made. Now I'm sure this is an extreme case, but how many cases like this are out there? Could this type of abuse (in my opinion) ever be monitored or stopped?