Hordes of football enthusiasts took the title of crazed fans to a new level on Saturday. After #3 ranked Oklahoma State took care of #10 Oklahoma 44-10, thousands of fans rushed the field, tearing down goalposts, and leaving 13 people injured, including two in critical condition.

Students jumped 15 feet down from the stands to the field, causing ankle, thumb, and back injuries, among others.

“We haven’t seen anything like this in what I can remember, in the last 12 years,” the public relations director for Stillwater Medical Center said. According to reports, it took police 45 minutes to clear fans from the field.

Unfortunately, the Sooners win was overshadowed by the field rush. The victory earned the team the Big 12 championship, and also gave them their first outright conference title since 1948, and possibly a shot at the BCS title game.

Watch the chaos erupt:

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