As a veteran who has served on Fort Hood and spent the last 20 years of my civilian life living in the Fort Hood area, I can tell you first hand that the violence we've seen this year on post and off has been eye-opening and shocking to say the least.

From the case of Vanessa Guillen which sparked nationwide outrage to the unusually high number of soldiers gone missing or found dead on post and in the surrounding area, a very loud alarm has been ringing at Fort Hood for the last few years and after much public outcry, change is coming to the base.

According to KLTV and the Associated Press, Army leaders are expected to to fire or suspend a “significant number” of officers and enlisted soldiers at Fort Hood in an effort to correct a culture of failed leadership that has not done enough to stop or address violence that included murders, sexual assaults and suicides.

According to officials familiar with the matter, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy will take administrative action that will remove soldiers from their jobs, and likely trigger investigations that could lead to a wide range of punishments. Those punishments could go from a simple letter of reprimand to a military discharge. - via KLTV

The Army has conducted its own internal review and Army leaders are expected to announce the results of the review on Tuesday.

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