You may or may not remember a 'Malcolm in the Middle' episode where Malcolm, played by a much younger Frankie Muniz, suffered from the noted old-man ailment of peptic ulcers.

Now it seems the former child star is following in his fictional character's footsteps after being taken to the hospital for a "mini-stroke" at the ripe old age of 26.

Jackson patriarch Joe also suffered a stroke last week. But he's 84, which makes his news much less perplexing.

According to TMZ, Muniz was taken to an ER in Arizona after friends noticed him “acting really weird” and having trouble speaking and understanding words.

Muniz later tweeted a confirmation that he was in the hospital last Friday. Doctors are still baffled as to what caused the stroke.

Other signs Frankie Muniz is getting old? He thinks the new Myspace “looks sick” and threw his back out while picking up his PlayStation controller.