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The restraint a Fort Worth, Texas teacher showed after being struck by a student was remarkable.

A video only shows part of the action, most of the time we do not know what leads up to an incident, we just see that initial action along with the reaction from whoever is 'rolling' at the time. A video surfaced online showing a student at Fort Worth's Castleberry High School approaching and yelling at a teacher and eventually ends up striking the teacher on the arm. What isn't clear is what led up to the interaction, but what is clear is that this student assaulted a teacher.

"Deal with me."

The video below shows the teacher on the phone with someone when the teenage girl approaches her and ends up slapping the teacher on the arm and the student yelling, 'Deal with me.' The teacher responds with, 'You right. Now you touched me, I did not touch you.' As the teacher was exiting the room to get some assistance, things got worse as this student acted out while calling her mom. Upon returning to the classroom the student yells at the teacher saying,

'No. I'm calling my mamma. You ain't about to f--- me up b----.'

The student ends up speaking with her mom on the phone and then ends the phone call by shouting out some racial slurs about the teacher to her mom and then ends up throwing the phone on the desk and storming out of the classroom.

Why didn't the other students react? Why did some laugh?

Of course, this kind of behavior is not acceptable in any kind of classroom setting, but what is a little more disturbing to me after seeing this video is that no student came to the aid of the teacher. At the beginning of the video, you can hear students laugh when the teacher is slapped by the student. I'm sorry, that is just unacceptable and inexcusable. Like I said at the beginning of this article, the video only shows half the action. Maybe another student left the room to summon some assistance.  That's what I hope happened in this case.

The mother responds to the video.

The mom of the 15-year-old freshman student, Brittany Evans, spoke to WFAA in Dallas where she explains that her daughter is challenged with autism, bipolar, depression, and anxious distress. Ms. Evans says she has spoken with the school district before about placing her daughter in a different classroom setting, one that focuses on kids with special education needs, but that hasn't happened so far. She also says that she is not sure where her daughter picked up the phrases and language that she used in the video because that type of talk is spoken in her home.

This incident is now being handled by the schools' police department and the student has been suspended for three days.

Some very kind words about the teacher were said by Ms. Evans showing support for her and how she handled the situation,

She is an amazing woman. She is calm, very collected, super sweet. I wanted to reach out to her but didn’t know how. She is, in my eyes, a saint. And needs an award.

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