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Fulfilling your dream of being an actor as an extra in a movie could happen sooner than you think.

A few weeks ago hurricane Ida swept through south-central and southeast Louisiana leaving behind a path of devastation and destruction. In the wake of this hurricane, Sony Pictures has had to scramble production plans on a new movie that was set to get filming underway in New Orleans about the young life of George Foreman. Due to the devastation of infrastructure, buildings and location settings in the area, Sony Pictures has moved the production of the movie to Shreveport.

Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins and Sony executive producer Wendy Williams announced last week that they'll be working together to produce the project that will tell the life story of George Foreman. The movie will be titled 'Heart Of A Lion'.

Wendy Williams tells the Shreveport Times that they anticipate hiring about 1500 extras locally and,

The first block would be 34 shooting days starting at the beginning of November at many different locations around the greater Shreveport area.'

The film is expected to bring about $5 million to the Shreveport economy because they,

will be building sets and will need everything from lumber, food, rental cars, hotels, location fees because we are looking for a number of homes in the area. We're going to be shooting at arenas and a number of different scenarios. Our goals are to have as much local community involvement as possible and to spend as much of our money as possible locally.'

At this time exact casting call times have not been announced. However, if this is your dream, you'll want to be prepared because production is set to begin in Shreveport this November. When we learn about specific casting call times we will definitely let you know.

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